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Joanna C. Ioannides, LCSW attended The University of Colorado at Boulder and received her BA in Psychology and English. She received her MSW from The Boston College Graduate School for Social Work, and completed internships within the Elementary School and Hospital settings.  Joanna has incorporated social work/ psychological services in hospital-based and Counseling clinics and settings since then. She has been licensed as an LCSW in the State of Colorado since July 2001 and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the American Psychological Association.

Ms. Ioannides has worked in the public and private sector, serving children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in a variety of contexts.

Ms. Ioannides works with adults who are interested in their own emotional and psychological growth, as well as in the emotional wellness of their children.   She also works with children, adolescents and adults presenting with issues of social, sibling, parenting and marital issues, parental/ child medical illness and loss.  She works from a strength-based perspective, and incorporates systems' and psychodynamic theories that are supportive and person-centered.  

Throughout her eclectic professional training, Ms. Ioannides continues to maintain a prevention-based approach,  as identifying and optimizing early life stressors and family issues can frequently prevent developing psychological and medical issues throughout the life cycle.  Ms. Ioannides works with adults and families to create a life they choose, and optimize their health and well-being.

Ms. Ioannides frequently addresses patterns of issues and relating that compromise families and individuals as a whole. She is a strong supporter of community-based supports such as sports, musical training and religious communities. Joanna’s strength-based approach encourages family members to balance the independence and interdependence roles critical to healthy child/ adolescent, individual and family function. She focuses on helping individuals and families create an atmosphere encouraging optimal psychological health.

In her eclectic background serving children and families, Ms. Ioannides views the family as a system, wherein individuals' successes as well as struggles are frequently a barometer of family function and dynamics. Ms. Ioannides chooses to work with individuals and families who are interested in and committed to addressing these issues, and in pursuing growth in these areas of their lives.

Joanna frequently requests the cooperation of parents and families in Couples and Family Therapy to open topics that are often difficult for couples and families to address by themselves. Joanna might frequently request Couples’ counseling prior to beginning the work with children, to enlist parents’ cooperation in addressing their own issues, so they can better co-parent their child.

Joanna recognizes that children and families often communicate with each other in ways that request assistance, particularly in times of crises, and offers an open and welcome forum for these difficulties to be addressed and resolved in a non-judgmental, honest and safe environment. For families with an identified faith, Ms. Ioannides incorporates spiritual counseling into her practice, and welcomes individuals from all faith backgrounds.

Ms. Ioannides and (Lowry) Concepts Counseling, LLC are strictly committed to the healing and emotional growth of its clientele. Should clients be involved in legal/ custody issues, it should be noted that neither Ms. Ioannides or Lowry Counseling, LLC provide letters or representation to the court regarding psychological evaluations or assessments.

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